Business Advisor Membership


Business Advisor Membership provides access to training, tools and forums for those looking to create or enhance the Consulting division within their Practice.

Business Advisor Membership includes both free content and premium (paid) content. To gain access to the 12 month course: “FOCUS” Business Advisor Training Program (BATP), you’ll need to join this Membership.

After paying the membership deposit (click below), you will be provided access to the first month’s tools and training materials of BATP, which includes the flagship Strategic Planning module.

Thereafter, to continue with your 12 month premium BATP course, you’ll need make 10 monthly instalments and gain access to content, month by month. Once you have completed the training program, the “Focus” materials belong to you. Of course, all all times you are subject to the licence agreement, which effectively means you must only use the content as a tool for consulting to your clients and your our own internal use. You can amend and use the materials as you wish, but cannot copy, transfer or re-sell the materials to third parties).

This product is for members only. Become a member now to get access to this and other awesome members-only product.