Building a Better Practice Series

Below you will find a series of free training courses for TNG Global 'Blue' members.

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Course #1

Recruiting the Best People
Locating great talent is vital to the growth of a successful Practice. James Collins (author 'Good to Great') calls this getting the right people on the bus. It's also about getting the wrong people off the bus! Here are some best practice ideas and tools to set you along the right path.
Module 1The Group Hiring Process+
Here's an effective way to recruit middle and lower level employees. An approach that saves time, and consistently produces the best results The 'Group' hiring process is particularly effective where you have 10 or more suitable candidates for a role.
Unit 1Group Interview - Preparation

Course #2

Maximising Revenues through Better Billing (incl. fixed fees)
This course provides a practical approach for Practitioners looking to move from time-cost billing to value based fixed fees. The Program includes video instruction, templates, reference materials and case studies.
Module 1Why change to fixed fees?+
What is value based billing, and why should you make the change?
There are no units in this module.
Module 2Designing your Fixed fee billing system+
Once you've decided that fixed fees is a billing method you wish to adopt, you need to create processes and design template letters.
Unit 1How to calculate Fixed fees
Unit 2The fixed fee engagement letter